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New York MATTERS offers buprenorphine vouchers to patients without health insurance coverage Those who qualify will automatically receive a printed and electronic copy of the voucher to redeem at any participating pharmacy. This voucher will cover a patient’s buprenorphine prescription for up to 14 days. We proudly participate with all Walgreens and Wegmans locations in New York State as well as many independently owned pharmacies.
New York MATTERS is proud to partner with Uber Health to offer free roundtrip Uber rides to our patient’s first clinic appointment!
Patients can now receive a New York MATTERS referral via virtual emergency room visits.
Many correctional facilities serve as New York MATTERS referral sites and offer inmates referrals to treatment upon release. Inmates will receive an appointment at a desired treatment location, a medication voucher (if applicable), and a referral to a peer support network.
New York MATTERS implements harm reduction strategies into our protocols/everyday practices. We recommend all patients/family members are provided a naloxone (Narcan) kit to prevent overdose upon discharge and after a New York MATTERS referral is completed. Various EMS agencies across the state have also partnered with us in a “Leave Behind Naloxone” initiative.
Patients who do not meet criteria to take their first dose of buprenorphine at the hospital are given a prescription to take their first dose at home- this practice is termed home induction. Our discharge instructions provide patients with a detailed explanation as to when to take their first dose of buprenorphine.
The New York MATTERS team is working to develop an addiction consultation service to support hospital-based providers in caring for patients with substance use disorders.
Our electronic referral platform (hosted by the New York State Department of Health) efficiently refers patients with opioid use disorder to community-based clinics from emergency departments along with OB/GYN offices, correctional facilities, inpatient units, pre-hospital settings, etc.

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The MATTERS New York team is excited to assist our partners and stakeholders across the state in rolling out the @NIH HEALing Communities Study across the State!

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