Mission, Vision & Values


To provide every person living with substance use and mental health disorders multiple pathways to treatment and resources within their own community by creating an extensive network focused on improving access and eliminating financial, geographical, and social barriers.


For MATTERS to be utilized across the United States as a way to reduce morbidity and mortality rates for people living with substance use and mental health disorders by linking them to stigma-free treatment and resources so that no matter what stage of readiness they are in, help is always available.


We value

      We will always

We value meaningful connections - we will always link people to a variety of services and resources so no matter what step they are ready to take, the right one is always available. We value advocacy; we will always speak up, support, and defend those who need help. We value trust; we will always be an honest and reliable source. We value tenacity; we will always be determined to reach the unreachable and overcome obstacles. We value education and empowerment; we will always make prevention and treatment information readily available so that those who choose to take action can do so with knowledge and understanding. We value reach and responsiveness; we will always continue to build an extensive network with efficient referral processes in order to get help to those who need it when they need it, without delay. We value stigma-free services and support; we will always provide an environment that is free from stigma and judgment, inclusive and respectful of all.

Program Overview

MATTERS began as a Buffalo, New York-based electronic referral platform to connect patients to medications for opioid use disorder (MOUDs). Buffalo MATTERs served to establish prescribing guidelines for physicians and advanced practice providers opioid use disorder in Western New York. Today, our electronic referral platform efficiently refers patients with opioid use disorder from emergency departments, OB/GYN offices, correctional facilities, inpatient units, pre-hospital settings, etc. to community-based clinics across New York State.

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2022: A Year in Review