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The Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment (MAT) Act, included in the Omnibus Bill, was recently signed into law by President Biden! The MAT act eliminates the X-Waiver, removes the associated patient cap, and makes it easier for providers to treat patients with opioid use disorder.

Before the passage of the MAT Act, medical professionals were required to undergo additional training to prescribe buprenorphine (a commonly used medication for opioid use disorder) and were restricted to a limited number of patient they could treat at any time.

These additional steps created barriers for health care workers, leading to less medical professionals receiving their X-Waiver, and less patients getting the treatment they so desperately need. This impacted access to proper care for millions of patients across the U.S.  We look forward to more reduction in barriers in 2023.

Thank you to Congressman Paul Tonko for your tireless dedication to ensuring the passage of the MAT act! 

What does this mean?

  • Eliminates X-Waiver requirement for medical professionals to treat substance use disorder

  • Expands access to proper care, notably in emergency departments

  • Requires national education program to inform health care practitioners on the change

  • Requires national education on importance of treatment for substance use disorder

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