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MATTERS has officially launched its mobile app! MATTERS has been facilitating rapid, electronic referrals for patients experiencing opioid use disorders since 2019. MATTERS referrals connects patients from emergency departments, law enforcement agencies, medical offices and street corners to outpatient treatment organizations across the state. There are over 60 referral sites, 150 receiving clinics, and 1,000 pharmacies participating in the referral network and over 1,000 unique referrals have been submitted.


In June 2022 the team launched its new “MATTERS Network” mobile app on the Apple Store and GooglePlay to make the electronic referral platform and plethora of professional and community resources even more accessible. It is important to meet our patient population and community partners where they are; expanding MATTERS to a mobile application will allow for quicker access to resources for the treatment and prevention of opioid use disorder. The referral platform is only accessible to participating organizations; however, the app offers quick access to educational videos, suggested protocols, prescribing guidelines, and more state-wide resources for patients, providers, first responders, and community partners.


The MATTERS team extends a huge thank you to the University at Buffalo’s Clinical and Research Institute on Addictions and AbbeyMecca for their assistance in developing the application! Click on the links below to download the MATTERS Network app today: