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MATTERS would like to extend a sincere thank you to our partners a BestSelf Behavioral Health for their collaboration on the Western New York Addiction Treatment Hotline. This virtual treatment center provides 24-hour support for people who use drugs. Individuals within the eight counties of Western New York (WNY) can connect this service for a rapid evaluation, prescription (as applicable), and referral to treatment. We are proud to partner with BestSelf and the Value Network to expand access to treatment for opioid and substance use disorders. Connect to virtual care from anywhere by visiting MATTERS’ telemedicine page.

Special thanks to the community stakeholders who have helped make this possible, especially Congressman Higgins, Senator Kennedy, Assemblywoman Wallace, Assemblywoman People-Stokes, and Chairwoman Baskin.

Finally, thank you to all of our community members and partners who are increasing opioid awareness, providing treatment, and campaigning for changes to help save lives.