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What is Peer Support?

Peers are people who have had success in their recovery journey; they are typically in the later stages of recovery and they work to assist others in getting the supports they need.

With every MATTERS referral, individuals can opt-in to be contacted by a peer in recovery for additional support. This is automatically built into the referral process and takes no extra steps.

When individuals opt-in for peer support, a drop-down menu pop-ups to show which peer agencies are available in their region. Click on the image below to view a screenshot of this process directly on the referral form.

Once the referral is submitted, basic contact information is sent to the peer agency and peers contact the individual directly.

This peer linkage is separate from any peer supports offered by treatment organizations. Individuals who opt-in for a peer support referral may also be offered peer services at the treatment organization they choose for follow-up.

Why is this Important?

People experiencing substance use disorder often face blame, shame, or stigma when seeking support. Peers can help navigate these challenging experiences by providing guidance and support based on their own lived experience.

Peer services include (but are not limited to) sharing resources and skills, advocating for patient needs, leading recovery group sessions, and assisting in goal-setting.

Learn more about the MATTERS referral process, as well as the built-in supports we offer, by visiting our treatment page.