Implementing a Novel Statewide Network to Support Emergency Department-initiated Buprenorphine Treatment

Sample Process

Referral Process

The New York MATTERS referral process is completely electronic. A healthcare professional and the patient work together to complete the referral form. Referrals take less than 5 minutes and require ZERO phone calls!

Watch our referral demonstration of below.

Prescribing Guidelines

Note: A DEA-registered practitioner working in a hospital, clinic, or emergency room, or any DEA-registered hospital/clinic that allows practitioners to operate under their registration number as per 21 CFR 1301.22(c), may request an exception to the one-day supply limitation currently imposed pursuant to 21 CFR 1306.07(b). Consistent with Pub. L. 116-215, DEA will grant such requests to allow a practitioner to dispense up to a three-day supply of the medication under the circumstances described in subsection 1306.07(b).

Requests for exception must be emailed to: Please add the following to the subject line: Request for Exception to Limitations on Dispensing for OUD. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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