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The New York MATTERS (Medication for Addiction Treatment and Electronic Referrals) Network began its expansion across New York State in September 2020 after demonstrating proof of concept and successes in Western New York for nearly three years. Today, MATTERS is implemented in over 40 hospitals, 100 treatment organizations, and 1,000 pharmacies across the state. To assist in the rapid expansion and implementation of the program comprehensively across New York State and into neighboring states, the MATTERS team is growing with nine new Regional Care Coordinator (RCC) positions being deployed into major health hubs all over New York. The MATTERS Network is expressly grateful to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the New York State Department of Health for provision of funding for the new RCCs.

RCCs will be deployed in all regions across New York State except for regions 6 and 9.
Neighboring RCCs and other MATTERS stakeholders will assist in care coordination for these regions.

The MATTERS Regional Care Coordinators will be able to assist local health departments, hospitals, clinics, EMS- and law enforcement-agencies in joining the MATTERS network. The coordinators will be strategically placed in existing health-promoting and harm-reduction hubs across nine different regions across the state (see image to the right for region locations). As more organizations join the referral network, the individuals that MATTERS serves gain more opportunities to be connected to care and appropriate treatment. As the new RCCs onboard referring and treatment organizations, the MATTERS Network capacity builds, making it easier to engage with patients wherever they are and rapidly connect them to a treatment that they choose.

Since its inception, the MATTERS platform has successfully referred nearly 1,000 patients to long-term treatment. With the addition of the nine Regional Care Coordinators, the Network continues its expansion and will reach more patients experiencing opioid use disorder in communities across New York State.