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MATTERS links individuals with opioid use disorder to outpatient treatment while prioritizing rapid access to medication for addiction treatment (MAT).

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Connect to Virtual Care

MATTERS partners with several virtual treatment providers to improve access to care for substance use disorder. Individuals referred through telemedicine receive the same supports as those who were referred in-person.

Select one of the options below to make an appointment. You will receive an evaluation, medication prescription (as applicable), and referral to outpatient treatment for follow-up. Patients can also select to follow up with fully virtual care at the time of referral.

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Submit a Rapid Referral

Click the button below to access the MATTERS rapid referral platform.

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Referral Process

Our referral process is completely electronic. MATTERS’ referral partners work collaboratively with the patient to complete the referral form. Referrals take less than 5 minutes and require ZERO phone calls!

Watch this 5-minute video to see the referral process, step-by-step. 

Built-in Supports

Get linked to treatment and supportive services
in one rapid, efficient process.

MATTERS referrals come with several built-in resources, such as medication vouchers, transportation assistance, and linkage to peer support services. Click here to watch a video on what to expect next.

Additional Resources

Learn more about how to connect to virtual treatment for substance use disorder. Click this button to watch the MATTERS Guide to Telemedicine video.

We have developed a simple guide for individuals and organizations looking to connect to telemedicine services. Click this button to access step-by-step instructions.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) released guidance for prescribing medications for addiction treatment via telemedicine. Click on this button for current guidelines.

We’ve developed a telemedicine protocol to assist in linking individuals to treatment from anywhere. Click on the button below to view MATTERS’ telemedicine protocol.

Telemedicine Protocol

Our referral protocol is useful for providers who are new to prescribing buprenorphine. Click on the button below to review our suggested protocol.

Referral Protocol