In an effort to address common barriers to treatment, MATTERS offers several supports to individuals referred through its rapid referral platform, including medication and transportation vouchers.

Medication Voucher

MATTERS’ medication voucher covers the cost of up to 14 days of buprenorphine for the uninsured. Once the referral is submitted, the medication voucher is automatically e-mailed and/or faxed to the referring site and to the individual.


This voucher is not a prescription. Individuals in need of a buprenorphine prescription should contact their prescriber or connect to a virtual prescriber by visiting MATTERS’ telemedicine page.


Referral gets submitted, prescription is sent to pharmacy, voucher is sent to individuals via e-mail or text

Call your pharmacy to confirm your prescription is ready for pick-up

Present your voucher to the pharmacist to get your prescription cost covered

Transportation Voucher

Everyone referred through MATTERS is offered transportation assistance in the form of a free, round-trip ride for their first appointment.


Individuals who opt-in automatically receive e-mail and/or text instructions on how to set up their ride. Contact the MATTERS team to set up your round-trip ride.