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Written by: Lucy Connery

Xylazine, an animal tranquilizer that is toxic to humans, has made its way into the drug supply around the United States and New York State.

In response, MATTERS is excited to announce the launch of its new service: the distribution of Xylazine Test Strips (XTS) to individuals and organizations across New York State! These XTS are offered at no cost.

Why is this important?

Xylazine is extremely harmful to humans – using even small amounts of xylazine can result in severe skin wounds that often require limb amputation. Scroll down to see images of these wounds.

Xylazine has been linked to many overdose deaths across the U.S. and is especially lethal when mixed with fentanyl.

How do I use XTS?

Visit our Harm Reduction page for instructions.

Be sure to test your substances for xylazine before use. If you think you’ve been exposed to xylazine, seek medical attention immediately.